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Welcome to the Home Page of the Rochelle Park Police Department – 201-843-1515

The Patrol Division of the Rochelle Park Police Department Consists of Two Lieutenants, Four Sergeants, and Twelve Patrol Officers under the command of the Patrol Captain. The officers assigned to the Patrol Division perform all of the day to day operations of the Police Department. 

Patrol is the largest Division of the Police Department. Its primary responsibility is responding to calls for service from the community. These can range from neighborhood disputes, domestic violence incidents and traffic accidents, to burglaries in progress and death investigations.

As the First Responder to criminal complaints, patrol officers are responsible for seeing to the medical needs of anyone involved, interviewing witnesses, recognizing and preserving evidence, determining whether, in fact, a crime has been committed, and identifying and ultimately arresting those responsible.

Officers of the Patrol Division are also expected to provide proactive services such as traffic enforcement, crime detection and suppression, conducting business and property checks, and initiating contacts with community members to further the department’s commitment to Community and Problem Oriented Policing.

Officers assigned to the Patrol Division are divided into four squads. Four patrol squads are responsible for 24-hour street coverage, seven days a week. Each squad is supervised by a Sergeant and has three patrol officers.  

 The officers assigned to the Patrol Division are also given other special assignments such as Firearms permit applications, Police Records, Radar Enforcement and Training, Vehicle Maintenance, and any other position deemed necessary by the Chief of Police.

Patrol Division Duties and Assignments

  • Records
  • Motorcycle Unit
  • LEAD Program
  • Firearms Training
  • Firearms Permits
  • Information Technology
  • Traffic/Pedestrian Safety
  • Crossing Guards