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Welcome to the Home Page of the Rochelle Park Police Department – 201-843-1515

As part of the Rochelle Park Police Department’s mission statement, we are dedicated to being fair, impartial, transparent and consistent. If you have a complaint, it will be sent to a specially trained supervisor and an investigation will be conducted that will be thorough, objective and completed when a logical conclusion is reached.

In accordance with New Jersey Attorney General Guidelines even anonymous complaints made against a Police Officer must be thoroughly investigated. If you wish to provide your name you may be asked to help in the investigation of the complaint by giving a detailed statement about what happened or by providing other important information which includes the names of other individuals who may have witnessed the event.

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All complaints against police officers are completely investigated. You will be advised in writing of the outcome of the investigation. If our investigation reveals that a crime has been committed, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office will be notified in accordance with strict guidelines.

You may call the Rochelle Park Police headquarters and ask for the Internal Affairs Office at 201-843-1515 with any additional information about a complaint or if you have any questions about the status of the investigation. If internal affairs personnel are not available, supervisory personnel will accept reports of officer misconduct. If no supervisory personnel are available, complaints will be accepted by any law enforcement officer.

In accordance with the New Jersey Attorney Generals Office Directive 2018-3 all law enforcement agencies must employ an early warning system. The system is designed to detect patterns and trends in officers before the conduct escalates into more serious problems, ensuring the public that all officers act within the guidelines of state laws at all times. To read our policy adoption click here.

Drug Testing Policy for Law Enforcement

In accordance with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Law Enforcement Drug Testing Policy No.  2020-12,  all  Law  Enforcement  Agencies  must  participate  in  a  random   drug  testing procedure. The policy mandates that  any  officer  who  tests  positive  for  illegal  drug use be terminated from employment. The Rochelle Park  Police Department  has adopted this guideline. To read the policy click here.

Bias Incident Policy for Law Enforcement

 In accordance with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Law Enforcement Bias Incident Crime Reporting and Investigation, the Rochelle Park Police department has a Bias Incident policy in place. To read more about the policy click here.


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